about us

The company PARITET was founded in 2000. Worked on its development team of professional lawyers, accountants, appraisers and notaries.

It was established by a team of professional lawyers, accountants, appraisers and notaries. The company is grateful to the scientific and pedagogical staff of Department of International and European Law of Law Faculty (Voronezh State University), headed by Doctor of Law, Professor Biryukov P.N. for their support and direct participation in the work of Centre "PARITET". 

Currently, for its business purposes, PARITET unites experts in the field:
- criminal law and procedure;
- civil law and procedure;
- arbitration process;
- Administrative Law
- tax law;
- International and European Law;
- legal systems of foreign countries.

PARITET to be involved in criminal and civil cases, experts with knowledge in the field:
-Forensic Medicine;
-Forensic Psychiatry;
- forensic accounting;
-land management and surveying;
- architecture and construction;
-automotive and other equipment.
and assessment activities

We provide the performance of notarial acts in all cases in our production.

For 10 years our company has conducted over 400 trials in criminal, administrative and civil cases and cases involving economic disputes and other matters related to business and other economic activities. The number of processes completed for our customers, with confidence exceeding 95%.

Our attorneys and other professionals have successfully established themselves in the courts of Moscow and Moscow region, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Belgorod, Tambov, and Bryansk regions. Two of them have successfully defended a dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Legal Sciences.

We have put into practice the most advanced ways to provide legal and economic assistance:

- spoken consultations through videoconferencing. You can contact us using SKYPE and ask questions and even give sight of your existing documents directly from your computer monitor. Our specialist will conduct a FREE spoken consultation.

- written advice via electronic communication. You can send a message to our e-mail account and obtain preliminary written consultation.

- commission (group) consultation. You will be able to address to multiple specialists in related disciplines (medicine, accountancy, construction, etc.) who will prepare a comprehensive opinion on the case.

- carrying out all kinds of economic and legal assistance in any region of Russia and foreign countries.