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Arbitration case


LLG «K» was sued by GUGI to compel the conclusion of a supplementary agreement to the contract of non-residential premises lease. A specialist of LLC Economic and Law Center «Paritet» acted in the interest of the defendant. As a result of his work it was proved that the proposed additions contradict the Civil Code, in particular the principle of freedom of contract. In its decision, the Arbitration Court of Voronezh region agreed with the arguments of the representative of the defendant and dismissed the claims for GUGI to Company «K».


Civil case


P.V.M. appealed to the Leninsky District Court in Voronezh with a lawsuit for damages against the company «B «. Acting in the interest of the plaintiff and having performed necessary calculations and afforded proofs, an expert of Economic and Law Center «Paritet» proved that P.V.M. suffered losses due to unauthorized land cultivation by LLC «B» as he can not use his own and rented land.


Criminal case


B.N.P. was charged with misappropriation and embezzlement of concrete products, the responsibility for which is provided in Part 2 art.162 of the Criminal Code. As a result of checks of financial and business performance, it was proved that the fact of shortage of any building materials in the warehouse of the plant is absent, which, in turn, confirms the absence of corpus delicti. Moreover, the defender proved that the investigation bodies have not analyzed any payment documents certifying that B.N.P. paid for the concrete products. The investigator having evaluated defending proofs compiled by the attorney of the Centre, found B.N.P. not guilty in committing the crime. The criminal case was dismissed due to the absence of corpus delicti.