Приглашаем на работу

ООО «ЭПЦ «Паритет»» приглашает на работу специалиста, имеющего высшее юридическое образование, опыт (не мене пяти лет) представления интересов физических и юридических лиц в судах общей юрисдикции, Арбитражных судах по делам в сфере гражданского, семейного, корпоративного, трудового, земельного, административного и иного смежного законодательства.



All summer the specialists of ELC «Paritet» give free legal consultations.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us, our address: 9A, Prospect Revolutsii, Voronezh, Russia, 394036, our tel/fax: 255-57-14, 255-57-15


Cooperation, practical training

In 2012 the Centre and Voronezh State University and Voronezh affiliate of Moscow Humanitarian-Economic Institute (faculties of law) signed long-term contracts for practical training of students.

The specialists of the Centre shall provide all conditions to ensure that the students acquire practical skills in legal activities, consolidate and extend theoretical knowledge.


Journal of Eurasian Law

«LLC Economics and Law Center «Paritet» is taking part in publishing Journal of Eurasian Law. The editorial board of «Journal of Eurasian Law» is planning to carry out free distribution of the Journal to public prosecutor's offices, courts and higher educational establishments of Central Black Earth Region.


«Journal of Eurasian Law» is included by Higher Attestation Commission of Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation into List of Key Reviewed publications, which includes main research results of phD and master of science theses.

Regular authors are widely-known academic lawyers and legal practitioners. Among them - Doctor of the Science of Law, Professor, Vice Chairman of Supreme Arbitration Law of Russian Federation V.V.Vitryanskiy, Doctor of the Science of Law, Professor, Chairman of International Commercial Arbitration Court under the jurisdiction of Chamber and Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation A.S.Komarov, Doctor of the Science of Law, Professor, rector of Russian Academy of Justice V.V.Yershov.

The peculiarity of «Journal of Eurasian Law» is that it gives an opportunity to get to know views of key representatives of legal science not only in Russia but in other countries. Regarding subscription and publishing please contact us, our email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , our post address: 9A, Prospect Revolutsii, Voronezh, Russia, 394036, our tel/fax: 255-57-14, 255-57-15


Opening the new office of "Paritet"

Due to the increased volume provided by legal aid and for the convenience of our clients LLC Economic and Legal Centre "Paritet" on June 27, 2010 opened a new and long-awaited office to serve citizens and legal entities at this address: Voronezh, prospect Revolyutsii, 9 "A".