Sturov Vladimir, a civil servant (Voronezh):

"I express my deep gratitude for their willingness to help at any time of day and night, high level of qualification, which is very important and nice to each client and for me in particular. Dedication and conscientious attitude to work, a versatile and insightful approach to the business staff of the Centre possible to achieve the desired results and the favorable resolution of the case."

Nellie V. Grigorieva, a retiree (Voronezh):

"Implementation of legal aid by several experts at the Center, a deep analysis and thorough training in the performance of all necessary actions impact on the most favorable outcome of the case, which in turn has further cooperate fully with the Centre."

Khodakovskii Alexander S., holder of two Orders "Courage", Guard colonel (Moscow):

"I would like to thank the staff of Economic and Legal Center"Paritet"for the high professional level, a thorough knowledge of all the legal nuances and genuine empathy, expressed concern for the customer and upon successful completion of the case. Wish you always be in the forefront of the market to provide legal services for the benefit of protecting the interests of ordinary citizens."

Valery Nikolaev, CEO of JSC "Vagonremmash", PhD (Moscow):

"Owing to the nature of their profession are constantly having to participate in negotiations to enter into contracts with various organizations. Usually the transaction fails, the desired result is achieved, but not all of today's business goes smoothly, sometimes even the standard contract turns sideways and brings substantial losses. Once having got into such a situation, be sure to think about that before taking any legal action is necessary to consult a qualified attorney on this matter. That's what my organization was contracted long-term legal services with LLC "Paritet". The choice of this organization was not random, my colleagues have previously benefited from legal aid provided by the Centre were very satisfied with the quality and operational activities of their staff. Without a doubt this is one of the best legal organizations in the city, providing not only quality, timely, qualified, and reliable legal assistance. Working in conjunction with Economic and Legal Center "Paritet" there is a sense of security of your business".

Chervanev Vasili Alexandrovich, Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of Russian Federation:

With all my soul and at the behest of his heart I want to express my sincere gratitude for help to honest, highly qualified professionals of the business professionals with years of experience working in the Center. Such people as they are in the people say: "Human with a capital letter H" as it was ready frankly, at any time of day and night under the Constitution and laws of Russia to help the person in a fallen into trouble. It is very important and nice to each customer, for me in particular. Dedication and conscientious attitude to work, a versatile and insightful approach to the business staff of the Centre possible to achieve the desired, fair and legitimate resolution of the case.

FSI "Bogatyr" (Liski, Voronezh region) thanks LLC Economic and Law Center "Paritet" for their professionalism and dedication in work. Our organization has repeatedly appealed to the professionals LLC Economic and Legal Center"Paritet"  to obtain legal advice and support, and have always received professional assistance of lawyers. We wish you continued success, the implementation of planned projects and look forward to productive cooperation.

Oleg Nikolayevich Belenov, Prorector for Economics and International Cooperation of Voronezh State University, Doctor of Economics, Professor: «Rectorate of Voronezh State University expresses gratitude to LLC «ELC «Paritet» for effective participation in realization of Federal state educational standards of new generation in the following disciplines: «Law», «World economy» and «International relations». Over many years employees of LLC «ELC «Paritet» successfully pass on vast practical experience to VSU students during their educational and on-the-job practice. Graduates of VSU have extensive opportunities to actively implement stored knowledge in fields of law, economy and international relations»

Gennady Vasilievich Zibrov, Head of Military Aviation Engineering University, Doctor of Education, Professor, Honoured military specialist, Honorary citizen of Voronezh, major general: «Military Aviation Engineering University expresses gratitude to ELC «PARITET» for effective cooperation, high professionalism and inestimable contribution to state property preservation and active participation in the activity of University»