• spoken and written advice on all areas of the law
  • resolution of all kinds of economic disputes and other disputes related to business and other economic activities
  • resolution of disputes in cases involving foreign persons
  • defense of criminal cases involving economic crimes and other criminal cases involving material damage and moral damage
  • protecting the interests of victims of all categories of criminal cases
  • insuring performance of decrees concerning property made by judicial and law enforcement bodies
  • drawing up legal documents: statements of claim, references, counterclaims, applications, statements and appeals of different nature
  • legal and economic support of entrepreneurial activities on a regular basis
  • notary support (for cases in our production), estimate (in cases in our production)
    forensic accounting opinions (on the cases in our production) advice of specialists in forensic medicine, forensic psychiatry, land management and surveying, architecture and construction, automotive and other equipment, trasology, court records management (the cases in our production)